An overview of Voovo flashcards

You can make a lot of different types of flashcards on Voovo, ranging from simple flashcards to diagram cards, voice cards, AI cards, and so much more! Here we will dive into all the different types and how they can enrich your study life.

A lot of flashcard applications come with many different special features and flashcard types, but Voovo is the first application that combines all the following flashcard formats and features into a single space! The ease of flashcard creation is truly a pro of Voovo that makes it stand out from all other applications, making it one of the best flashcard applications especially for iPad users.

Simple image flashcards

Simple question and answer flashcards are an essential to every flashcard application!

Simple image flashcard

Diagram flashcards

This feature allows you to make hundreds of flashcards in under a minute. To do this, you simply upload a picture of a diagram or table. Then, Voovo will find all the relevant texts on the picture and put them into boxes (that can be hidden). After this, you will choose whichever relevant texts you would like to memorize and the app will automatically generate flashcards based on the selected texts!

With diagram flashcards, you can memorize key words on any anatomy diagram!

Voice cards

Instead of making flashcards by typing, which can be quite time consuming… you can simply make them with your voice! This allows you to make flashcards at a rate that is 3.5x faster than typing.

Record your voice for flashcards that are 3.5x faster to make than normal flashcards!

AI flashcards

With this feature, you can scan or type in text and use AI to automatically generate flashcards based on what you entered.

Generate automatic flashcards with AI!

Fill in the blank flashcards

This feature is great for memorizing definitions and keywords! You can write a text as a question and select words that you would like to hide in this text.

Fill in the blank flashcards are great for memorizing key terms!