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What is VOOVO?

Voovo is an educational application that helps students to absorb loads of difficult information quickly by creating the fastest and easiest way to make flashcards.

What is the problem?

Have you ever felt like after an exam that you no longer remember anything?

Students forget 95 percent of the information they learn in just 3 days...

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Students use learning methods that do not lead to long term retention.

Like re-reading the material, re-watching lectures or highlighting the whole textbook.

However there are two learning methods that beat the rest: Active recall and spaced repetition.

Countless researchs shows that these two outperform all others by far when it comes to long term retention.

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The easiest way to utilize these is by using flashcards.

YES! Flashcards are not only great for language learning, they are the single most effective learning method for any kind of memorisation.

Unfortunately flashcards take way too much time to create...

According to our research 75% of flashcard users say it is too much time to create flashcards.

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with Voovo you can create more than 300 flashcards in only 1 minute.

We use text recognition and text locator algorithms to turn seemingly unconsumable material to easily consumable flashcards in a matter of seconds.

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Dr. Nightowl 

2nd year med student


The app is amazing! I’ve been using it for 2 months now and the flashcards are easy to use and help me remember everything so well and the study sessions help me track my progress. Definitely recommend!


Gréti Szeberenyi

2nd year med student


I am speechless! Flashcards are great, but I always had a problem with how long it takes to create them. Not anymore, this app is genius. It makes creating flashcards so easy and fast. I love it!