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Why am I tired?

Updated: May 15, 2022

We have all been in the situation when the only thing on our mind is how tired we are. Everything looks like a bed, and you need to lean on something all the time. WELL, here is some insight how this happens and what can you do about it.

By definition tiredness is the state of wishing for sleep or rest. It can be a symptom of the lack of sleep, psychological problems, an unbalanced lifestyle, or physical causes.

If you are a university student the most likely cause of your tiredness is the lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet or stress.

Thinking these things through will better your days and elevate your quality of life.

If your problem is the lack of sleep, please just try to prioritise it, let your body and brain rest. I promise you; it is okay to take care of yourself and not go out 4 times a week or study from dusk till dawn, your academic performance will thank you for those 8 hours that you spend resting. Also, if you are a collage athlete or a serious gym bro your muscles will recover quicker, and your physical performance will be better too.

Having problems or struggling with your mental health is okay. It happens with everyone at least once in their lifetime. Please, do feel free to talk about these things and reach out to friends, family, or professionals. Most of the universities nowadays provide mental health counselling and it is not a stigma that it was a couple of decades ago. If you acknowledge the problem and work towards a better state, it will be worth it. It might help you with the tiredness or any other aspect pf your life, mental health is something that is worth fighting for actively.

The next issue that might bring you exhaustion is your lifestyle. It is so easy not to pay attention on exercising, eating well or the amount of alcohol you consume at uni. The lack of some macro and micronutrients can easily make you tired and unmotivated and the consumption of ultra-processed food has never done any good to anyone, but I will tell you about this topic in another post. Try to eat as many home-cooked meals as possible and I promise, you will feel the difference in a couple of days.

Also, incorporating exercise into your routine not only will make you proud but also gives you energy and motivation throughout the day.

However, it is also possible that you have tried everything, and you are still tired. In this case, please contact your GP and get to the bottom of things! It never hurts to be careful and check on your health from time to time.

I hope this blog helps you to act to feel better!

Please let us know your experiences in the comments and have a great week!

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