The 3 Learning Styles - Which one are you?

What are the learning styles?

It is also referred to as thinking styles or cognitive styles. Learning style is the way one prefers to absorb information and learn new skills. At any age we all have a favoured way to learn.

The three learning styles are: visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic (tactile).

1. The visual learning style

For effective learning these types of people require a visual stimulus to maximise their results when studying. Individuals with a visual learning style usually have a very good imagination and they are also creative. They can bring their ideas to life easily and ask you to “show them” when they want to understand something.

If you are a visual learner:

2. The auditory learning style

If you are an auditory learner, you understand and remember things that you listen to. Instructions are usually easier for you to understand if they are spoken and not written down.

If you are an auditory learner:

3. The kinaesthetic (tactile) learning style

In order to learn something new a tactile learner needs to touch and do things. They will learn much more and faster if physical activity is involved. Tactile learners will always want to move around, go for walks, or do something whilst listening to a lecture because they will remember the things they heard or read while doing something.

If you are a kinaesthetic learner:

Let us know which learner are you in the comments and if any of the tips helped you!

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