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Studying alone or in a group, which one is better?

There is an everlasting question among students: “is it better to study alone or in a group?”. Most of us are unsure which way is more time efficient or effective. However, we can state that the answer depends on the person and on the situation. Different subjects and given projects might require specific approaches.

Here we gathered some tips and possibilities to ease the struggles of studying.

Advantages of studying alone:

1. Less possible distractions

Students opting for studying alone can 100% concentrate on the material and do not get distracted by their friends. Obviously, there are things out of our control in the environment, such as constructions, crying babies, or funny people at the library, but overall, there is a bigger chance for focus when studying solo.

2. Changing environment anytime you want

When studying in a group there will most likely be people that have different needs than you. Therefore, choosing or changing the study space can be tricky. When you are alone it is very easy to just pack up and leave an satisfy your study needs ASAP.

3. Choosing when to study

The question of when to study will be completely up to you. If you want a coffee break you can have one, if you want to sit in one place for 4 hours that’s possible too. The flexibility of studying can be unbeatable many times.

Advantages of studying in a group:

1. Extra motivation

If you don’t have a very scary deadline or any exams coming up, you can feel a very nice pushing effect when you study. I will admit, it is very hard to keep up with the work when you “don’t have to” study but it is necessary.

2. Comparing and contrasting

There are quite a few subjects or projects when studying in a group is simply needed due to the discussion. Clearly, when doing a group projects a group is a must but also by compering results or discussing cases it can be very beneficial to share your thoughts and get to know new ideas.

3. When you need help

If you don’t understand a material or get stuck on one problem asking for help is a very good way to move forward. When the whole group has a difficulty with something talking it through and brainstorming can help tremendously. Not being able to ask someone while studying alone can be very frustrating, but by sharing sessions you can prevent this from happening.

What about studying alone but in a group at the same time?

Let’s mix the two!

Bindr brings you the comfort of studying from anywhere, anytime while doing it in a group and making new friends.

But how?

Bindr is an online platform where students can join to study sessions or schedule new ones. All students are mute while studying, but they can text and make new friends while keeping each other focused and accountable.

This website is a perfect source of motivation for studying, making international friends, and having the flexibility of studying whenever you like.

If you use Voovo there is a community for users on Bindr which you can find through the link in the app under the dashboard folder.

This blogpost was written by the enthusiastic team of students at Voovo. We believe in a world where the fact that students forget 95% of the information they learn in only 3 days is not overlooked.

We developed the Voovo app to help students absorb loads of difficult information quickly by creating the fastest and easiest way to create and use flashcards. Furthermore we are sharing our experiences and knowledge through well-researched articles and helpful study tips.

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