Is it good to study with music?

If you ever wondered whether you should be studying with background music here are some tips for you. Many think that music helps them focus while others find any kind of noise disturbing while studying.

How could music help you with studying?

• Makes you more focused

• Reduces stress levels

• Elevates mood

It was shown that kids that listen to classical music while studying, did better in school than their peers who did not listen to music, which was called the Mozart effect. However, even though this statement is not technically wrong this is not the whole truth. Listening to any kind of music makes monotonous tasks more bearable, it does not have to be classical music. In the 90s a study was conducted where researchers showed that kids that listened to a pop band, called Blur, had higher scored than those who did not. It is even thought that the Blur effect is bigger than the Mozart effect, due to kids favouring pop music over classical music.

Downsides of listening to music:

• Harder to understand the read material

• Concentrating on the lyrics

• Easier to let your thoughts flow

Music is good as I described it earlier, but it can also have its negative effects on concentrating. There is the problem with songs that have a lyric if you start singing while trying to memorise is not very productive. You need to concentrate on one text and songs with lyrics will hinder you in focusing on the material.

Another issue can arise if you enjoy the music too much. Yes-yes being happy and singing along is lovely but maybe not in the library!

What kind of music should you listen to?

• Nothing with lyrics

• Find the genre that works for you

Try different types of music and find which is your “focus music”. Many swear by instrumental or classical music, but I need to admit, I find liquid drum and bass the best for me.

It could be anything! Start some popular playlists on Spotify or YouTube and let the search begin!

Let us know what your favourite background music is in the comments!

Have a good rest of summer!

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