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7 tips to study effectively at night!

Updated: May 15, 2022

In this blog I will share tips how to survive an all-nighter or a late-night study session. Occasionally (or quite often for some of us) we find ourselves having only 12 hours left until the assignment is due or we simply haven’t prepared for a test that’s on the next day. Obviously, I advise you to avoid this situation at all costs, but we are not perfect, these things happen.

SO, let me help you!

1. Try to stay in a well-lit room!

Do not study with only a small lamp on your desk while your whole room is dark, try to turn on all the lights that you have. If it’s possible, stay in a learning grid or in the library to put yourself in a bit more unfamiliar/uncomfortable setting than your room. If you don’t feel that comfortable it is less likely that you will fall asleep.

2. Don’t consume too much caffeine!

If you drink gallons of energy drinks or coffee, it will not help you. The overconsumption of caffeine can make you anxious, can lead to insomnia, cause jitters, an upset stomach or nausea. According to the FDA 400 mg of caffeine will not cause any long-term or negative side effects. 400 mg of caffeine can be found in 4-5 cups of coffee or in 2 cans of an energy drink.

Don’t overdo it, it’s not good for you!

3. Avoid your bed at all costs!

If you want to do your all-nighter in your bed that’s just not going to happen. I am sorry to shatter your dreams! Do not tempt yourself, sit at your desk or in a study area but do not think that you stand a chance in your bed!

4. Stay hydrated and don’t eat a heavy dinner!

When you try to trick your brain into not sleeping, drinking lots of water is key. It helps your memory and keeps you awake! Try to avoid overprocessed foods with high sugar and fat content in order to avoid “food-coma”.

5. Eat healthy snacks to keep you awake!

Chewing a gum or eating your favourite vegetables and fruits will help you occupy not just your mind, but other parts of your body too. Apples, celery, bananas, cucumber, or carrots are all very easy to eat and nutritious as well. If you feel fancy, add a dip such as yoghurts or peanut butter.

6. MOVE!

Whatever you prefer every 30 minutes move for 5 minutes, do a mini walk, some push ups, or squats to keep your body’s vigilance. It really does help!

7. Talk to yourself or study with someone

It might sound a bit extreme but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you are the only person that must pull an all-nighter, try discussing what’s the next thing on your agenda and read the material aloud. If you feel too strange just read aloud, that will make a massive difference as well.

Every member of the Voovo team is cheering for you! Good luck and let us know how your night went!

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