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7 tips to cope with pre-exam stress

Updated: May 13, 2022

Exam season can be extremely difficult for all of us. The challenge is academical, mental and physical as well, but here are 7 tips that will make you feel more comfortable before the exams:

1. Exercise

Remember to look after your body. Doing a 30 minute walk every day, swimming or doing any sport that you prefer will help you focus better and reduce anxiety. Also, with the change of scenery you will have new influences which is much needed during an 8-hour study day.

2. Plan your days

Having a schedule or a plan can help you through panicking and makes you believe in yourself more. Never forget how long you have come to get to the place you are right now!

Planning also makes you face how much you must go through. Many times, we avoid things rather than facing them. Realizing the amount of work you must do is the first step towards a good grade. I understand (believe me) but just START.

3. Eat well and sleep enough

Eating homemade food helps your whole body to support you through this period. The frequent consumption of ultra-processed food can not only cause health problems, but it affects your concentration as well. Try to eat vegetables and fruits as much as possible and be smart about caffeine.

Sleeping is simply inevitable; without it you will not be able to perform that well! Try to sleep 8 hours a day to give time for your brain to recharge.

4. Use the Pomodoro technique

To minimize panicking and anxiety use a studying technique. The Pomodoro technique for example will not let you slip into procrastination with its 30-minute intervals and built-in breaks.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you have anything that you are unsure of, ASK! Ask your classmate, the professor, or your friend while preparing. It is okay not to figure everything out by yourself.

Oh, and remember there is nothing bad that can happen if you ask something.

6. Have time for leisure

Socialising, having a nice dinner or talking to your family is a crucial part of the exam season. Do anything that relaxes you, takes your mind off things that make you stressed in the first place. Don’t cut everything out that you love, because that is how you can end up burned out and unable to perform well.

7. Do past papers

Digging up past papers and doing them will build your confidence. Not only you will learn and memorise loads of things by active recall, but it will also calm you down, knowing that you have done this before.

We wish you all a relatively stress-free and successful exam season! Please leave a comment and let us know if any of the tips helped you!

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