5 tips for staying focused during online education

I am sure that we all find it difficult to pay attention on lectures especially if they are online. It is certainly okay to feel this way, we are not robots after all.

BUT, what can we do to help?

1. DON’T use your phone

Yes, it is so much easier to just pick up our phones and start scrolling on social media than as it would be in person. Try to avoid this, turn off your notifications, place it facing your desk or even turn your phone off whilst watching a lecture. It will help you a great deal I promise!

2. MAKE a schedule for the day

Most of the lectures are recorded or pre-recorded nowadays. It is a good idea to make a timetable for yourself for the week and schedule your own “classes”. If you do this trick, you are less likely to find yourself 50 lectures behind (not a good idea, trust me).  

3. SET UP a comfortable workplace

Find your favourite chair in the house, set up the lighting and sit at a table. Lying in bed and almost falling asleep every second minute might not be the best idea. Try to have scented candles, a cup of tea or good music. Make yourself as comfortable at your desk as possible.

4. TAKE breaks

Don’t forget to take breaks, your brain needs the rest. Try the Pomodoro technique! With its built-in breaks and rigid structure, it forces you to concentrate during the 25-minute intervals. Have a bit of exercise when you take breaks, walk around, do house chores or drink something.

5. KEEP IN TOUCH with your professors and peers

Try to ask questions, email your professors, try to establish a relationship with them even if it is only an online one. Speaking with your peers can also help you stay on track; it will motivate you and you can even start a study group.

We really hope that the tips help you! As always, leave any questions and feedbacks in the comments!

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