5 tips for faster studying

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Feeling overwhelmed by the semester ahead? Don't worry, you've got this! Here are some battle-tested study tips to help you ditch distractions, boost your focus, and become a learning machine.

Tips for acing your studies

Don’t multitask 🤯

As much as we love our favourite series running in the background whilst studying it might not be as effective as we hoped. Several studies showed that we cannot divide our concentration efficiently. And to be honest, deep in our hearts we all know this is true!

Try the Pomodoro technique 🍅

This technique consists of 30-minute blocks, 25 minutes of concentrated work and a 5-minute break.

Before the first block: make a to-do list with tasks that can be completed in around half an hour. After 4 blocks you should have a bigger break that is 15-30 minutes long. During one block you should only focus on one task you have already planned beforehand.

pomodoro technique how to study

Do not use the highlight and reread method! 🖍️

If you need to memorize the material, simply rereading and highlighting the text won’t cut it. It’s good for familiarizing yourself with the subject but not very effective when it comes to learning something.

Consider active recall and space repetition as tools for memorization. Use flashcards or try to connect words with a personal story!

Apply your knowledge 🙋

Try asking yourself questions after a class instead of notes, then come back to them later and try to answer them. After you know the answers to questions from the same topic, mix them up and imitate an exam!

Test yourself with practice quizzes, past exams, and online resources. Applying your knowledge strengthens memory and helps you see it from different perspectives, invaluable for exam success! Visual aids are also powerful tools. Draw diagrams, mind maps, or even funny pictures to jog your memory.

how to study faster

Teach it to master it 🧑‍🏫

Found a patient friend or family member? Explain the material you learned to them! Teaching clarifies your own understanding and helps identify any knowledge gaps you need to fill.

➕ Bonus tip: Try flashcards! 📱

Feeling overwhelmed? Voovo is a free app that lets you create flashcards in a flash! This can help you consolidate information and boost your understanding. Download Voovo for Android or iOS and unlock your full learning potential!

Remember, with a little effort and these handy tips, you can transform exams from a struggle to a success story! 

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