5 tips for faster studying

1. DON’T multitask

As much as we love our favourite series running in the background whilst studying it might not be as effective as we hoped. Several studies showed that we cannot divide our concentration efficiently. And to be honest, deep in our hearts we all know that this is true!

2. Study very intensely rather than for a long time

Try the pomodoro technique for instance. This technique consists of 30-minute blocks, 25 minutes of concentrated work and a 5-minute break.

Before the first block: make a to-do list with tasks that can be completed in around half an hour. After 4 blocks you should have a bigger break that is 15-30 minutes long. During one block you should only focus on one task that you have already decided on beforehand.

3. Do NOT highlight or reread!

If you need to memorise the material, you should not just reread and highlight the text. Rereading and highlighting is good for familiarizing yourself with the subject but not very effective when it comes to learning something.

Consider active recall and space repetition as a tool for memorisation. Use flashcards or try to connect words with a personal story!

Try making questions for yourself after a class instead of notes, then come back to your questions and try to answer them.

After you know the answers to questions from the same topic, mix them up and imitate an exam!

4. APPLY your knowledge

Test yourself with quizzes, past papers, and tests. When you apply your knowledge, you are recalling and putting it a different perspective which might help during exam conditions.

Try drawing pictures and mind-maps to boost your memory, even if you draw a funny picture between pages or your notes it will guide you as a visual aid and help you remember better.

5. TEACH what you learned

If you find an unlucky individual that would give few minutes of their time to you teach them! Rephrase what you learnt and try to tell them as a story and explain the material. If your knowledge is gappy you will know exactly how to fill those gaps.

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