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3 reasons to study languages

Studying new languages not only enables us to get to know new cultures but also stimulates different parts of the brain creating new neurological pathways, therefore improving various skills.

Being able to communicate in different languages gives the possibility to form deeper social connections with people from all around the world.

1. Advantage when looking for jobs, further education:

When applying to positions or places it is always a great advantage to speak several languages. When negotiating or selling products speaking to someone in their native language makes them trust you more and creates a positive atmosphere. Hearing our own language is an amazing thing when we are abroad far from our home. You can be the one that has a higher chance of cutting a deal or making someone’s day better!

2. Getting to know different cultures:

While studying a language it is inevitable to get to know the culture of the country/countries where people use that language. I find it fascinating how many ways there are to live life, eat, socialize, or dance for that matter. It also makes you want to go abroad to see and experience these things.

3. Creates opportunities, makes you braver:

Have you ever felt afraid to go on a year abroad, move away, or just to travel for a week?

Yeah, me too.

However, if you speak the language of the given country, it makes you feel immediately less of an outsider, and it’s a big advantage if you know how to order food. Very crucial thing in my opinion! :D Or coffee, very IMPORTANT. I mean if you are not addicted to caffeine good for you honestly! I admire you!

So back to the topic, be bold, take risks (not too big ones please, but take that chance to go on Erasmus), and see as many things as possible while you can.

All in all, it is simply an amazing thing to study languages. Make the time and enjoy the product!

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Comment your goals and plans for the summer!

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