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What is the VOOVO app?

Even though active recall and spaced repetition are the -scientifically proven- two most efficient learning strategies, very few students and institutions take advantage of them. The reason behind this is how time-consuming these methods are. Voovo creates an effective yet simple way of integrating active recall and spaced repetition in the learning process. The easiest way to practice these two strategies is by creating and using flashcards. Voovo lets you create flashcards up to 10 times faster than any other application on the current market, thus making studying faster than ever.

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Why flashcards?

Countless studies show that active recall and spaced repetition are the two most effective learning strategies. The easiest and fastest way to implement these into the learning process is by creating and studying with flashcards.

How can we be so fast?

There are several flashcard applications out there,  but Voovo is 10x times faster than any. You might ask how? We have been working on our innovative flashcard making system and we created a platform where you can make 300 flashcards in just 1 minute. SIGN UP to get 3 months of free premium subscription.

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The algorithm we use...

Memory studies have shown that spaced repetition is one of the best ways to build memory and increase recall rates. This algorithm helps to ensure that the learner is shown the flashcard at the perfect moment, allowing them to “top up” their memory at just the right time.

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