The key for fast language learning

Key factors for language learning

The most vital thing for learning languages is consistency. No matter how long you practice, but if it’s done each day the improvement is guaranteed.  The more time you can dedicate to it each time, the better!

It is worth concentrating on consistency rather than on quantity at one go. Naturally, the more energy you invest into a language  the better, but the most important thing is to fit it into your schedule.

By making time each day for language learning you ensure that it will become a habit. If it i a habit, it will take you less willpower day by day while still making amazing progress.

There are two very viable options for language learning: one is doing it before bedtime or waking up with studying while drinking your morning coffee. Plan it in your calendar but try not to beat yourself up when life gets in the way. If you plan on learning each day even accomplishing 80% of these sessions will mean more than 5 sessions a week!

The same recommendations stand for language learning as it does for memorising anything else.

Practice, practice, practice!

More specifically: use the Pomodoro method, active recall, and spaced repetition.

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