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How to set goals for next semester? - SMART goal setting

Updated: May 15, 2022

Why would you even bother to set goals?

For one, it can save you loads of disappointment. Define what you expect from yourself and set realistic academic goals. Do not let your grades just slap you in the face!


First, you need to write those goals down. It makes it much more likely that you will achieve them if you write those goals down by hand on a piece of paper. Defining the timeframe for the goal is also very important. Define the exact amount of time that you need for the accomplishment of this aim.

Think S.M.A.R.T.

  • S = specific

  • M = measurable

  • A = attainable

  • R = relevant

  • T = timely

Okay, okay but what does this really mean?

An example: your goal is to write your dissertation in the next two months.

1. Make it specific:

A goal needs to be specific and defined as accurately as possible. You also must clarify what actions will need to be taken and what will be accomplished.

You will have to work on your dissertation every day in the next two months. You should do research in the first month and get as much information as possible and start writing your dissertation in the second month.

2. Make it measurable:

You will need to able to measure the accomplishment (e.g., the grade, hours of work etc.). The maximum wordcount is 10,000 so you have to aim between 9, 000-10,000 words.

3. Make it attainable:

The goal must be doable, and you must own the necessary resources for it. It is a doable aim in two months, but for a good mark you need to start the work in time and not leave it for the last minute.

4. Make it relevant:

Your goal always has to align with broader goals otherwise it is easy to lose your interest and stop working towards it.

5. Make it timely:

You need to complete the task in two months, you will have to work on it 1.5 hours every day in the first month and 2 hours in the second month.

Have an amazing semester and please let us know all your dreams and goals in the comments!!

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